Steel Telescopic stock

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This awesome 5 point adjustable stock will give your blaster some weight and reliability. There is a 5mm bolt that screws into your blasters gearbox spring retainer (you need the steel/alloy spring retainers as sold on this site with the M5 thread). This greatly strengthens the whole receiver assembly.

This will suit:

  1. SKD M4SS (the screw in part to the rear stock adapter isnt the best but thats not used for strength anyway. You just require a steel spring retainer in your gearbox for this to screw together securely.
  2. M4A1 (As above, you will need the alloy stock adapter which the screw head on this lightly touches but the strength comes from screwing it into place using the M5 thread to the steel spring retainer.
  3. Gen9

A note on this stock. I exclusively use this stock due to the quality of it and ruggedness however there is no room for a battery. Please use a picatinny rail mount battery holder on the front guard. Works very well and battery changes are very quick.