Kublai Fully worked V2 Gearbox

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This gearbox comes with the works! Already all modified and tested. We have tested this ourselves here and get 300FPS (feet per second) and 25RPS (rounds per second). Nothing more needed to do other than install this bad boy into your blaster! We wanted top of the line pre-modded for our customers and this delivers!

Comes with;

  1. Nylon Kublai V2 gearbox shell
  2. Bushing/bearing combination
  3. SHS full metal rack piston
  4. Stainless steel cylinder
  5. Alloy cylinder head
  6. Hardened 18:1 metal gears
  7. Metal trigger
  8. Metal spring retainer
  9. 1.3 spring
  10. Alloy barrel
  11. High power 480 long motor
  12. Silver wiring installed
  13. Pre-shimmed!