APS Metal Gearbox (Ambidextrous version)

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  • Fully polished "Silver Edge" gearbox increases overall efficiency by up to 15% from standard gearbox designs
  • Made from high strength Grade 5 aluminium alloy; reinforced in key areas for longevity
  • 8mm stainless steel bearings provide smooth travel for the steel gear set
  • Ported cylinder optimized for carbine length inner barrels (~363mm)
  • Integrated "quick spring release" function for easy spring change
  • "Hybrid" electric blowback design (can be disabled simply by changing the mock bolt)
  • Wired to the rear with a Small Tamiya plug

About the Silver Edge Gearbox:

The APS Silver Edge gearbox is yet another step forward with improvement of the tried-and-true version 2 gearbox. APS took their Hybrid Electric Blowback gearbox design and improved upon it with some excellent key features. First and foremost they use an improved strength Grade 5 aluminum alloy for the gearbox shell material. They then fully polish the interior of the gearbox to a chrome-like finish, effectively reducing friction on the moving parts that contact the gearbox walls, such as the sides of the piston and the tappet plate. From there they deck the gearbox out with steel gears riding on 8mm stainless steel bearings, low-resistance wiring and trigger switch, and to top it all off a Quick-Change ball bearing spring guide allowing for easy spring changes in the future. All of these improvements net around a 15% increase in overall efficiency, when compared with standard Ver2 gearbox designs. What this means for the user is better battery life, smoother gearbox performance, and improved gearbox longevity.

Compatibility: Well M401/RIS and aftermarket M4 Receivers that accept a V2 gearbox
Gearbox Type: Ver 2, Full Metal
Motor: Long Type 480 (Not included)
Manufacturer: APS

Note: Included rubber nozzle suits Well M401 T-piece. For Jinming compatibility you will need to swap out the cylinder head and tappet plate with a JM gen8/9 parts. You will need the magazine contact block kit depending on the magazines and t-piece you wish to use.

Well M401 mag contact block kit 

JinMing M4 mag contact block kit

Further note: reverse engineering this gearbox to build an airsoft gun is highly illegal. This is imported and sold for the sole use of installing into gel blasters.